RENEWAL…A New Lease on Life!!

Spring gives us the chance to begin a new. Fresh ideas, a new look at old situations… what we need to keep what & we need to release.
For example this is the time of year people get exercising and eating right. We have more energy for goodness sake. 
Now some parts of the country may not be in full spring yet..
but it’s there silently waiting and inviting us to renew.
Spring Renewal is part of Self Love. 
We have to shed our old ways to start something new.

As a professional coach I’ve been working with people ready to renew for several decades. I always take it to heart that people trust me with their mental/emotional/physical health needs. 
So here are my recommendations:
Take a time out to renew yourself …winters can be tough on us. 
~~~Be proactive in your spring rituals~~~
Celebrate wherever you are in your transformation!!
When you renew yourself your whole life can look better even when it hasn’t changed much. That’s the new lease on life. We can be energized when we practice health regiments and gratitude. No one is perfect we are all works in process.

FYI–We are renewing here at Creative Life Solutions. We moved into a new office this month and are Celebrating Twenty Years in Business. This is an early invitation to local So. California people that we will be having an open house in May. Please contact us directly if you can attend.
The topic will be Regenerative medicine and Self Care.
My favorite topics for Spring!!!

Carolyn Gross and her team at the Healthy Living Festival.

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