Tell the TRUTH…it’s more Interesting!

Have you ever noticed how much movies and documentaries based on true stories grab our attention? Partly because we know it’s not made up and partly because Truthful Matters are so compelling.
We are in some unprecedented times…have you noticed? Social Media has created a new world where what I say goes, even if I haven’t got anything to back it up. The new genre of Fake News has a whole new following of junkies. People speak from the place of what can I get if I say this or that and it doesn’t matter if it’s untrue, as long as I keep getting more views.

I heard something recently that made my heart sing.
A life well lived isn’t how many followers you have on social media, it’s how many lives you’ve touched by thoughts, words or deeds! Lately it seems the truth is getting lost and rarer to find. If your head is spinning trying to decipher what’s real and made up, here are simple strategies to reignite the Importance of TRUTH and keep life Interesting once again:

Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth
Truth is Simple
Truth is Lasting
Truth Fosters Change
Truth Matters
Truth will Stop You in Your Tracks and 
Linger in Your Heart and Mind

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