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We are all REDEFINING our lives and business to adjust to the new precedence and marketplace. 

 Are you leading an organization with transitory burnout and overload? 

Are you reinventing yourself inside and out, top to bottom READY to UP-LEVEL yourself and your career?  

The quickest and smartest way to conquer chaos and move through all  of these scenarios is with a trusted navigator at your  side who sheds light on the dark cranny’s that impede progress.  RESET YOUR CLARITY,  EFFICIENCY, AND OPTIMISM before the new year or new venture gets off the ground. 

Since I Navigate for both Executives and Companies: Most companies start with VIP Blue Print Intensive to kick up the dust and look under the rug to see what needs to be identified, addressed, delegated, dismissed, left alone or let go.

Clarity, Efficiency Optimism  is how my programs are designed to accelerate your path to success and offer guard rails of support during your reinvention process.

Accepting the challenges  that life delivers is the first step in solving them. When chaos comes it’s a good time to review  the shifts and circumstances ahead. When chaos departs it’s a good time for inspection, reflection and review before you re-tool  

Decades of  results from  helping executives, medical professionals, business owners  gravitate to greatness  conquering directional moments and creating defining moments. 

My goal as your reinvention navigator, is to make a plan and I do that with  a complimentary call to see if I’m the right fit. I am an adventurer and an artist, so  let’s work through the logistics of  travel, team, in person or zoom.   

Once we meet, if the invitation for coaching with me is accepted, you then complete an extensive reinvention form  so we hit the ground running from your first session on. 

Most of my client are wanting sounding board support, brainstorming  and strategy as they accept and address continual life disruptions, transitions and/ or unexpected  professional redirection.  There has been plenty of New Venture Anxiety floating around these days as well as Corporate Restructuring.

 You need to be choosey when finding the right reinvention specialist.  I look for  ideal fit in clients who are ready to go BIGGER by getting BETTER.  When we speak, I can discuss various  offerings from three- six months of navigational   super nova support to help you conquer chaos and create a mosaic masterpiece business & life.  I only   select a few companies and executives to work with each year. This enables me to prioritize my  clients needs so their goals are achieved for maximum results

The COVID world has delivered  shards of chaos galore.  Are you ready for a Trusted Navigator  who will  Strengthen Your Talents and Clarify Your  Vision, My clients are High Profile Producers whatever career they are playing in. These Creative  Leaders and Industry Mavericks Gain Crisis Management  Communication Tips  to inspire themselves and the trickle effect, they inspire their  teams.  My credo is There’s Lots to PROVE in 2022. Let’s find those shining moment  opportunities for you now to lead or create that mosaic masterpiece now from all the shards that need to be explored.

Ready to Brainstorm? – Get a free 15 minute strategy session to get started! 

  • Gain Clarity on your top priorities for your continued growth and sustainability.
  • Overcome Recent Obstacles and with a formulated plan of action. 
  • Time to Dream a new DREAM…Let’s Navigate   together to create a business that cultivates all aspects of your talent for greater success!  

~If YOU are you CONQUER CHAOS and CREATE a Masterpiece Life…NOW is the Time

Executive Coaching


The expectations of business owners and executives has dramatically changed in the recent Global Crisis. 

With overwhelm and upheaval  you have to have a plan to redirect your efforts and find passion again. 

To be resourceful and  creative, it helps to have a Sounding Board  that Ignites your Purpose and Power.  

As a Leader, YOU are the Passion that Fuels the Company.

The most dedicated leaders  are SMART and know when they need a tune up!

For over twenty five years Carolyn Gross has been serving others with her expertise in Executive Renewal, Self Management and People Management Strategies.  

Carolyn dedicates herself to helping people in life transition stay in high performance mode, by combining creative life solutions with business and wellness principles. Her multi-faceted approach to managing the sea of change we live in has helped individuals turn obstacles  into opportunities.

Health Coaching


The COVID-ERA has produced  Chronic Stress which affects the central nervous system and makes it hard to focus, remember details and stay positive.

Anxiety is at an all time high as we are literally bombarded with bad news and media hysteria everywhere we go.

If  you’ve recently been diagnosed with a disease and are fearful you’ll recover you can find help for emotional support and practical tools to strengthen your faith.

Today’s global crisis  has all kinds of challenges to maintain your confidence and consistency in managing your health.

Don’t allow stress to compromise your  Immune System.   Carolyn’s expertise as a Patient Advocate can help people prevent health problems. If you are ready for tools to overcome life’s obstacles then this  coaching is designed for you.

Even those who have perfect health are facing unprecedented levels of stress.   This isn’t just affecting adults, the teenagers and youth are suffering too. Now more than ever self care now has to become family care if we are all to survive,

Key Benefits of Coaching

Gain clarity on your core motives

Rise above the chaos

Stay focused on your goals

Increase stability

Stand up for yourself

Achieve your health and life goals

You may have the dream and the desire, but do you have the support and confidence to advance your career and personal relationships?  Carolyn’s clients include: Business Owners, Medical Experts, International Executives and Sales Professionals, Cancer Patients, People in Life Transitions, as well as Emerging Authors, Artists and Speakers. Every Coaching Package and Session  is Customized for Results. Carolyn Gross has helped thousands of  people in her work as a Helping Professional.

Professional Coaching is an Efficient Accelerator to achieve your desired results. Some coaches listen and affirm with how-to messages, Carolyn’s customized insights are designed to inspire you to move forward and make lasting changes.

Carolyn’s Clients Include: 

 Top Medical Professionals          International Executives          Authors & Speakers     

Cancer Patients                           Small Business Owners          People in Life Transitions

Carolyn’s Case Studies

IT Professional


A single mother, IT Executive, in Orange County, California needed support. Her challenge was to keep her body and brain functioning optimally so she could raise her children and keep advancing in her professional goals advancing. She succeeded when she found a coach and place to make herself a priority and this changed her life significantly

International Executive Story


I had the honor of doing an Executive Leadership retreat for a New York Company. One of the executives missed the event, so I returned for on-on-one work with her. In our meeting an Ah-Ha moment segued into a 10 year relationship where she was promoted numerous times. She stayed balanced, vibrant and healthy in the midst of an overseas promotion, because of her work and commitment to herself.

Medical Professional


I had the pleasure of working with a Medical Expert whose revolutionary work needed consumer marketing support. I helped with clarifying marketing strategies and medical publication support, as well as offering insights into the sales and customer approach.

Booking Carolyn Gross for Coaching Program

To book Carolyn Gross for your Coaching Program today, please fill out the form below and she will get back with you as soon as she has received and reviewed your request.

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