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Carolyn Gross - Rise Above The Chaos
Rise Above The Chaos

Rise Above The Chaos

Where is the space for self?

Award-winning speaker, coach, and patient advocate Carolyn Gross offer her own story of transformation as a tool for others to go from burnout to brilliance and realize they can create personal chaos – or not – simply by controlling their responses to life’s events. Rise Above The Chaos:

  • Offers life exploration methods to determine how stress is affecting one’s health
  • Provides the tools to restore, relax, and renew from stress
  • Reveals how to identify internal vs. external chaos and how to manage both
  • Teaches a long-term approach to inner refinement

Utilizing the tools and life lessons from Carolyn’s journey, young adults to single parents, executives, and beyond are inspired to befriend their hardest trial and repurpose them to strengthen their soul.

Treatable & Beatable

Cancer can be a new beginning …

It doesn’t have to be a nightmare or death sentence. Treatable and Beatable encourages cancer patients to claim their power ad explore options the moment they are diagnosed. It details one woman’s journey healing stage three breast cancer using immunotherapy and customized cancer vaccines. She healed breast cancer without any surgery and offers solutions that give hope to those in need.

Reading this book, you will learn:

  • Nutritional practices and detoxification rituals that strengthen your immune system.
  • How immunothery boosts the body’s defense system with a tailored cancer vaccine, destroying tumors and leaving healthy cells intact.
  • A variety of practical and proven techniques to ensure successful healing.
Treatable & Beatable
Breaking The Cancer Code

Breaking The Cancer Code: A Revolutionary Approach to Reversing Cancer

Breaking the Cancer Code is a revolutionary approach to solving the cancer predicament by a world-renowned medical expert and patient advocate. Most doctors run scared from cancer, believing it cannot be reversed by the body’s own natural defenses. Here is a doctor who stood up to cancer in the lab, researching how to impart (teach) the immune system to recognize and destroy the cancer. Coupled with his extraordinary cancer vaccine research, this book documents the work of a consummate patient advocate specializing in natural healing solutions and the necessary mindset to reversing cancer. This comprehensive work embodies all the components that help patients heal from this dramatic illness.

Staying Calm In The Midst Of Chaos

From Chaos to Clarity

We live in chaos all the time, it’s both internal and external. Today’s technology rather than saving us precious time, has added labor to our lives, causing epic levels of stress. We are called upon to be ever more productive multi-taskers and multi-role players.

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos tells you:

  • Innovative way to manage stress
  • How to thrive in challenging times
  • Non –traditional alternatives to wellness
  • How to listen to your body for wisdom-based decisions

Discovery how to become calm, centered, and poised in the midst of our over scheduled, unsettle world.

This book calms the “storms” of challenge and change in your world!

Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos

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