Managing Chaos with Compassion!!

I am getting ready for a key note speech and had the opportunity to interview people from the department of health. They talked about how the biggest changes in heath with young people are anxiety, depression, social disorders. Overall mental health challenges have spiked in our people today. Young people represent the future and are an out-picturing of the world and the adults that influence them. Adults are feeling the mental health challenge too. I recently heard a salon owner say we no longer have cable in the salon, because the news was causing too much anxiety for our clients and stylists.  They switched to strictly spa like music. Can I get an AMEN!!In my book titled Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos I discuss how we manage both our internal and external chaos. The interesting part of life in 2017 is there seems to be plenty of unrest and external chaos to tango with. Which means we have to be very protective and manage our internal issues to stay in check.Compassion plays a significant role  in being more tolerant of young people and ourselves. If we constantly react or over react we are only ruining our own day. Days turn to months and the next thing you know you say ‘that was a tough year’. I challenge you to find a way to cultivate more peace in your day. When we are peaceful in our hearts we can extend more compassion and tolerance to those around us. Develop rituals at morning or night to get centered. Put on Deva Premal music  to lift you…and reading inspirational messages helps too!!! Namaste

Carolyn Gross as the closing speaker at the National Association of School Nurses annual conference.

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