Expressing Your Freedom

When you are feeling burdened by too many demands on your time…find a way to express your freedom and schedule some me- time. When you have to clear something up with a trusted friend or worker how can you get your freedom of speech needs met? If you looked at this blog on expressing your freedom and had an immediate thought come to mind, well that’s the freedom you need to address straight away.

Since we are creatures of habit we can go along to get along, yet expressing freedom has always been a big effort. All forward thinkers have had to step out of the box or on the box and shout their truth.  Having been a frequent speaker & exhibitor at a conference called Health Freedom Expo I enjoyed collaborating with those who attended. We are all so passionate to tell the world that your  proactive health disciplines are worthy and important in this chaotic world.  

July 7th is the official anniversary of my vision to do the work I do. I still feel lucky  after twenty years in  the business  of speaking, coaching and writing that I  get such joy working with  individuals, groups and audiences expressing my researched ideas and ideals. For all the digital communication in the lives we live today, there is still nothing like freedom to express ourselves and connect with others  face-to-face! 

Carolyn Gross is a frequent presenter at the California Center for the Arts.

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