IGNITE your Passion…it’s Spring!

During growth seasons in our lives we exert extra energy. When we take risks we stir up uncertainty and vulnerable feelings because we are out of our comfort zone. Anytime you take on extra responsibility or work, you need to give yourselfA Spring Break.

That doesn’t mean you can just pack your bags and head to the Islands, but it does mean you can take time out and do some things that make your heart sing.

This is the time of year to do what makes you joyful, passionate and healthy! When we’re too serious and stressed we don’t get our best work done.

What can you do this spring to make your heart sing?
How can you reignite your passion for living??
Is it getting in shape, planting a garden, planning a vacation or taking up a favorite hobby or class.
We have to have a sense of JOY to make our lives worthwhile.
I love this thought provoking phrase:
~We Transcend the World by Inclusion not Denial~
If you’re feeling stressed don’t pretend it’s not happening embrace it so you can transform it! Admit to yourself when you need a get away to energize your energizer. Be human, be real and don’t forget to sing and dance in the midst of it all!!!

Carolyn Gross with the Marque for her Your Health is Your Wealth Event.

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