Believe In Yourself & Others Will Follow

How often do we self doubt our way to the top? With the recent suicides of two top successful & brilliant people, both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdaine we are all in a sort of shock. The loss of these lives makes us all ponder what darkness and depression can do to Anyone! Education… Fame… Wealth & Good Looks do not guarantee us the happiness that we all once believed it would. Instead of latching onto ALL the successes you’ve got going on, how about believing in yourself and your own self worth. Whenever you carry a sense of confidence and true self worth…others will gravitate to your positive energy and be open to your ideas or needs. No one is an island…reach out to those whom you can help and also those who you can help you.

Carolyn has been equipping executives with the tools to Rise Above the Chaos for over two decades!

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