Go For Greatness!

I like to say Go for Greatness…but stay humble!! How often in life do we not attempt to succeed at that dream that keeps gnawing at us. I know I still have a few dreams to achieve…do you?  Nothing fantastic ever happens until we decide to go for those Great-Things that cause Great-Ness.Spend some moments during your lazy summer days planning for forward motion this fall. We have to calm down to move up!! My hubby and I recently vacationed in Yellowstone National Park and soaked in the power of Nature at her finest.Upon my return I was renewed and ready to assemble my speaking clips of the last 10 years!

My new speaker sizzle reel on YouTube is titled:  Rise Above the Chaos!  Check it out here if you have any chaos going on in your world.

Go For Greatness! Carolyn has produced five Your Health is Your Wealth events at The California Center for the Arts.

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