The World Changes When You Change Your Perspective

It’s been said that the way we will ever change the world is one person at a time. So what are your goals to change YOUR world this summer? I’ve been reminded these past few months to review concepts that I founded my business on 20 years ago. The need to be kind to yourself and others always starts with good self care. We have to clean up our minds, just as much as we practice health disciplines to keep our bodies happy & healthy!! I’ve been working with myself and others to be less judgmental. Why? When we are constantly critical of others we are acting superior, just that we have these perspectives. When we judge others as arrogant, egotistical or less than, that need to continually judge is our own spiritual malady. Remember the idea that we are all one and meant to extend our kindness to others…The Golden Rule?? So maybe this summer try to not berate the people in your world as harshly and those running it. (I know some of you are cringing right now) Challenge Yourself to Change! See how many kind and loving thoughts and gestures you can offer up to the world this summer and watch what happens. Your World can Change with a Single Positive Shift in Thoughts Words or Deeds…INDEED!!

Celebrating 15 years of healing Stage 3 Breast Cancer! 

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