Inspiration to Transformation

When we are on a path of change and upward growth in our lives we start by collecting information. If I want to be someone different in a year, i.e. a business owner, author, coach of the soccer team or happily partnered or married then I have to do something different.  However I can collect all the information in the world and if I don’t have inspiration to go along with it, I’m not gonna fly as high…or go as far.  I may give up at the half way point to making my dream come true.In 2018  this concept really came alive to me. As much as I applied myself with all the left brain how-to strategies to grow and succeed, I had to  balance my endeavors with getting inspired and letting my heart catch fire.  Passion is  the fuel that really makes all our lives succeed. So wherever you are in your upward growth today, if you’re feeling stale, I suggest get inspired to succeed instead of pushing too hard: Nature Walks, Friendship Talks, Art Museums or Live Music. We need Inspiration to Activate Creativity  which all comes from the  Right Brain for Greater Transformative Results

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