SPEAK NOW! AND BEGIN YOUR NEW CAREER by Shane Bessey From backstage, you hear the emcee introduce you as “one of the greatest minds” on today’s topic. You pause one, two, three then push back the curtain. The room is packed with people. You step out from behind the curtain and everyone in the audience … Read more


By Karen Goldberg GoffTHE WASHINGTON TIMES For many of us, life’s stresses — big and little — are worn on the outside. Stuck in traffic? Boss breathing down your neck? Children driving you crazy? Don’t bother me; I’m having a bad day. However, some — such as Dr. Stephen Teach, associate chief of emergency medicine … Read more

Rise Above the Holiday Chaos

Do the words “Seasons Greetings” make you sigh with delight or create tension in your neck muscles? These are clearly special times that we look forward to, yet the extra activities often throw off our schedules and leave us feeling depleted. How can we make this year a little easier? In todays world chaos is … Read more

Maximize Your Time and Minimize Your Frustration

We are such an advanced society…we have created a 365 day 24/7 work world. Technology has created a love-hate relationship; It saves us precious time but has increased our work demands and created information overload. We are called upon to be ever more productive multi-taskers and multi-role players causing epic levels of stress. How are … Read more

10 Unmistakable Signs You’re Headed for Burnout

10. Activities that used to give you pleasure such as gardening, watching your son’s soccer game, church, or tinkering in the garage, become chores. 9. You overreact to simple slip-ups, your fuse is shorter and upsets take longer to get over. 8. You have given up on your health regime; forgotten healthy fresh foods and … Read more

A Color-full Way to Understand & Build Relationships

We spend one-third of life building and maintaining relationships, one-third in career and financial pursuits and one-third addressing health and fitness. Relationships are a major part of life and business that can make or remake us. I’ve always believed there are two types of people: friends and teachers. Friends are there for you, and they … Read more

Conducting The Orchestra Of Your Life

Overwhelmed, overextended, overtired, understaffed, under appreciated, under-mined. . .these words all conjure up images of stress. Stress is not a middle-of-the-road situation. It lives on the fringes, it’s over-this or under-that. No one wants to be overworked or underpaid. Put the two together in the same sentence and the pressure increases. The 21st Century question … Read more

Chaos: The Great Teacher

We cannot control one hundred percent of the events in our lives, but we can control our reactions to them. We cannot guarantee that our loved ones-or that we ourselves–will always be healthy, nor can we predict our financial future or job success. But no matter what curve balls knock us for a loop, we … Read more

How Stress Symptoms Affect Brain Functions

Chaos and fear are closely linked. When we shift into a panic state, we fuel the flames of chaos. I love the analogy of “fear storms,” because that is what they are, and eventually they blow over just like a storm, if we don’t encourage them to stay. When our abstract, analytical mind grabs hold … Read more

Ten Principles of Calm Living

Breathe deeply often Drink plenty of water Sleep Peacefully Eat Nutritiously Enjoy outdoor activity Give and receive love Forgive others frequently Practice gratitude Develop the art of acceptance Seek a relationship with God

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