Rise Above The Chaos

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2 reviews for Rise Above The Chaos

  1. Jennifer Allen-Prather

    I started reading the book “Rise Above the Chaos” last night and am so overwhelmed and overjoyed to see what a great writer Carolyn is; what a great leader she is and what a great healer she is. I am continuing to read it every night as the book is riveting. It gives practical tools for self discovery as well as sage wisdom for healing the whole person. What a blessing she is!

  2. Barbara Evans

    I love Carolyn’s book and the message she holds for the world. It is full of Insight, Love and Wisdom, and packed with concrete steps and suggestions to enhance our emotional and physical wellbeing. This phenomenal resource is a “must read” for all who wish to rise above the chaos that is so prevalent in these turbulent times.

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