Chakra Key Healing Discs – Full Set of Eleven


For those who wish to have a disc for each Chakra, offering an optimal choice of disc for any clearing, balancing and healing situation, the full set of 11 Chakra Key Healing Discs is available at $1221 for the full set of 3″ diameter discs. This full set can also be used to create unique and beautiful energy healing grids.


The 11 discs are:

#1 Root of Peace for the 1st (Root) chakra. Encourages a deep sense of Peace and supports bone health, legs, feet, adrenals and large intestine

#2 Joy of Creation for the 2nd (Sacral) chakra. Encourages vitality and creativity; supports a healthy urogenital system

#3 Temple of Power for the 3rd (Solar Plexus) chakra. Promotes confidence and self-esteem, and helps overcome fear; supports the solar plexus, digestive system and muscles

#4 Heart of Love for the 4th (Heart) chakra. Supports the Heart… gateway to Love and Joy. Promotes wellness and healing at all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit

#5 Voice of Divinity for the 5th (Throat) chakra. Enhances communication skills and strengthens the voice. Supports a healthy thyroid, neck and shoulders

#6 Eye of Awakening for the 6th (Third Eye) chakra. Encourages deep insight and clarity. Supports healthy aural and visual functions

#7 Crown of Hope for the 7th (Crown) chakra. Encourages Hope, and promotes connection with guardian angels. Supports a healthy brain and nervous system

#8 Children of Light for the Soul Star chakra. “I choose to BE, and express with Love, ALL THAT I AM”. Helps access higher levels of consciousness

#9 Essence of Life for the Stellar Gateway chakra. Enhances connection to infinite energy and the Source of Creation. Supports DNA activation and opens the way for all possibilities

#10 Heart of Compassion for the High Heart chakra. Encourages a sense of deep Compassion for oneself and others. Supports the thymus gland and immune system

#11 Flower of Connection for the Earth Star chakra. Encourages connection with beneficial energies at the Heart of the Earth. Promotes strength, stability and empowerment

Each of these beautiful 3” Quartz Glass Discs incorporates a high quality giclée mage, plates of beveled quartz glass and is hand wrapped in Copper to amplify the energetic properties. Each disc comes in a velvet pouch with a descriptive card, and an acrylic display stand.


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