5 Tips to Normalize in a Global Crisis


What happens when the future doesn’t look good, or you lose a golden opportunity? You can feel destroyed if your job or your income seems lost. Believe that you will figure things out. Believe that better days will come.

Believe that everything is happening for you not to you.

When you believe enough… you’ll connect the dots…… and create a better future!


If someone is unkind or insensitive…don’t wallow in it. Call one of the kind loving people or voices and Ask for Help!! Familiar Loving People and Voices help us cope with crisis.


Establish a routine in the midst of turmoil. Is it exercise, support groups, healthy eating, deep cleaning, getting enough rest, or not overdosing on the TV. Whatever your normal is before Global Crisis, try to mirror it now.

4) CONFIDENCE A lot of anxiety comes from Self Doubt and feeling insignificant. Maintain a good posture and develop confidence by taking actions that improve yourself consistently. The more action you take, the more clarity you get. The clearer you are, the less you worry.

5) GRATITUDE You may have anxiety but you don’t have Corona Virus! However you get to Gratitude, see yourself as being Special or Blessed. Continual reminders: I can breathe, I have a healthy child, a home, a job, a roof over my head, a pet, I have faith in our Country…etc. Keep going to the Have’s instead of the Have not’s.

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