Managing Chaos with Confidence

When facing constant demands, unexpected change and overwhelming situations, how do you respond? This program will help you be proactive instead of reactive during challenging times. When bombarded with constant uncertainty you can become worn-out and less effective. Learn to manage those unexpected events, so you can focus on the areas over which you have control. Gain proven life exploration skills to determine how stress is affecting you. Today’s technology, rather than saving us precious time, has added labor to our lives, causing epic levels of frustration to our workdays. We are called upon to be ever more productive multi-taskers and multi-players. Where is the space for self? The need for reflective insights to fill your reservoirs of strength will be offered to help you gain perspective on yourself and the power of your choices.

  • Learn the categories of chaos and their impact on work/life balance.
  • Build your self-efficacy to create a mindset for success.
  • Learn the key responses to unexpected events.
  • Skillfully capitalize and simplify in challenging times.

Passion & Perseverance

In order to be successful you have to put passion into your work and life.  But life is like the tide sometimes it's in and sometime's it's out.  Even the most dedicated and passionate people can struggle at times.  How do you persevere when obstacles and objections make work/life difficult? This program will give you the tools to pick yourself up and rekindle your passion to move forward.

  • Strategies to efficiently course correct and rekindle your passion without looking inconsistent.
  • Managing projects and people when passion is lacking to achieve continuity within the organization.
  • Learn the perseverance pump & tone process to keep moving and reigniting yourself.

Success in Life Depends on Relationships

Conflict with people impacts the work environment and personal life. When these areas are draining you, it lowers service quality and your own self-care. This program solves the crisis by understanding what motivates your work /home family .You can improve your ability to influence & manage yourself. Using the Color Code motive management system, you will learn what drives you and gain a new perspective of how to relate to your clients, executives, and workforce. This program delivers masterful relationship strategies that improve team spirit, builds leadership skills and increase loyalty.

Treatable and Beatable: Tools for Healing

Now more than ever, it is important for people to make informed decisions about their health. Learn the important strategies to rebuild a healthier new you. Educate yourself about the treatable and beatable approach to healing any health challenge. This means you have to skillfully capitalize and simplify your life when facing challenging times. Gain strategies to detoxify, fortify and simplify your life as you learn stories from a professional patient advocate on how to turn obstacles into opportunities.

Your Health is Your Wealth

This program gives the latest compelling research on Mind Body Stress Reduction to offset the effects of the ‘distraction age’ With over two decades of research in Psychoneuroimmunology, Brain Hacking and how to offset adverse effects of the digital age, this program gives self care practices with emphasis on emotional health as well. Get the lifestyle reminders we all need to build healthy energy reserves to stay young with a detoxification practice designed for you. Go away equipped with the healing factor needed to sustain perfect health.

Work-Life Balance for High Achievers

Every day technology makes it easier for us to do business from our offices, our homes airports and our cars. We all agree this is “progress” though it has come at an enormous price. There is conflict between our work and our personal lives with the information accessibility escalating. Learn strategies to help you regain clarity and energy when burnout is near. Learn to implement Time Blocking for better performance. Establish criteria for managing difficult events and work-life choices. Clear priorities are key to prompt and effective decision-making. Demonstrate that wellness and resiliency promote balance and efficacy in your career.

  • Establish criteria for managing difficult events and work-life choices.
  • Show that wellness and resiliency promote balance and efficacy in your career.
  • How to Implement Time blocking for better performance


We strive to create a MASTERPIECE when you hire us to deliver a presentation for your event. In order to make our message effective we want to customize the program to include specific examples of current challenges and solutions you would like to reinforce.
Once we establish the presentation you would like, as part of our fee we will contact four to five people you suggest in order to give us valuable input on what the current trends, challenges, and needs are in your organization.
We will call each person to schedule a 20 minute interview at his or her convenience. In this process we ask questions and open dialogue up to gain specific insights so we can best customize our presentation for you.
This service takes time, coordination, and planning. Events that are scheduled at the last minute are not guaranteed to receive the detailed attention we like to offer.